Feeling blue

Let me expand on my thought:

If anyone has ever written a fictional story you might know that somewhere along your way you decide to change something whether it be a character, the outcome of a conflict or even the ending. So imagine starting a story 9 years ago. 9 years to change your mind! Develop characters, rewrite it, undo, redo. People forget that HIMYM was a sitcom, not a drama. It wasn’t written like a book.

The ending was GOOD, it was true to the series. Don’t look at that episode with a comparison to 9 years of a series that I’m sure didn’t know it would be on for 9 years. Look at the episode as the conclusion to a story of the lives of those characters. What you wanted to happen didn’t happen? How often does everything work out just the way you want it? The ending was human. It was messy, it was sad, it didn’t follow logic (not many great things do). From one storyteller to another, good job HIMYM.

But this is just my thoughts on it. Everyone can feel what they want.

For those who hate the how I met your mother finale:

Life is messy.

Nutmeg, you flavorful son of a bitch, get in my tea!




¡Derp Disney!

This scares me.

god i love this

Hello friends,

So as some of you may remember last year I had a kickstarter campaign to fund the printing of a graphic novel that I had written and illustrated, well I’m happy to say that it is complete! Grey Matter is done and for sale.

From right now until March 25th it will cost only $15 dollars to own Grey Matter instead of the regular price of $20. All of those proceeds will be going to the Lusignan Good-Hope Learning Center in Guyana. After the 25th the price will go back to $20 and $10 of every sale will be donated to the learning center, the remainder will be used for shipping and the upkeep of the xvicomics website.

Thank you all for your support.

If you’re local (NJ) and want to buy the book, contact me personally. I’ll hand deliver it. It just makes things easier.


for more of my work visit xvilovesyou.com