I’ll take my usual

Today I mustered up the courage to ask for “my usual” from the coffee shop I get my coffee from everyday at work.

I walked into the coffee shop and stared at the menu, already knowing what I wanted, as I waited for the barista to finish pouring the coffee beans into one of their machines. She finished and greeted me, asking what I would like. I paused for a moment and said “my usual”…my face contorted immediately when I realized she had no idea what I was talking about. A nervous laughter followed and I babbled something I can’t remember. She said “that might work with one of the other workers but she did remember my name” ( from a previous awkward encounter ). I ordered an iced coffee, she asked what size and I specified small…the whole time a smile never reached her face. I paid for my coffee put a bit of milk in and hastily made my exit. A block later I realized she didn’t put ice in my iced coffee.


Danny Galieote

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He did it

hate to rain on the parade buuuuut…

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